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Trans(ition) Naissa
The hardest part for my transition has been self acceptance. As a dancer my body has been my vessel of self expression, but it has also been the most restrictive part of my training to be in the wrong body. To accept my need to socially and medically transition is terrifying seeing as my body is my insurance for my career. I don’t know what my journey holds but I’m excited to see how my transition evolves my training and the changes that will come for my body.
I have never felt more afraid and more empowered to come out in this day and age..”

Trans(ition) Elio 

“I have always found such beauty and comfort in that which was established as “feminine”. All things soft and delicate, all things intricate and detailed, they all pleased me. But I soon came to learn that that is not what makes a woman. Femininity and Womanhood are two separate entities. The former is an energy, a set of characteristics. The latter is an intrinsic state of being. We all possess masculine and feminine energy, shaped into different characteristics and qualities that define us. 
But I am not a woman. I never was and I never will be. My gender is present to my core. How I decide to show myself to the world is a statement of what a man can look like. I am most comfortable when I am not confined by a set of expectations.”
Trans(ition). Zac

This isn’t a new age

This isn’t another “phase” 
I’m sure of myself and can say it 
For the first time in my life 
I’m not bothered about what society thinks is right 
But it’s hard to have faith in a human race that doubts my very existence 
Dismisses my identity 
Leaves my hope empty 
I took time to say it confidently 
Talk about my masculinity 
That trans masculine is me 
And of course you may not know what that means 
Cause we live in a binary society 
Where gender is an two word topic 
I want to scream where is the logic 
Because I am living proof that there’s learning to do 
People need to know it’s okay to be like me and you 
I must warn you 
This is going to hurt 
The curt words and the waiting 
For medical help that takes years in the making for a first appointment 
In what kind of system does treatment seem forbidden 
It what kind of a world are true identities forced to hidden 
This world 
This system 
Friend please listen

To what I have to say 
This problem is not going to go away 
Because simply it is a human right 
If I have the right to privacy 
But not to my own body 
Surely that’s not fair 
Surely you would care 
That your body isn’t yours

That your identity isn’t on the menu 
When society sets it before you 
And says you must choose “


Alana and Blue

Jane and Elliot
Jane and Elliot
Eli and Alix
Eli and Alix
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